The Hispanic Community of Dallas Endorses Candy Evans for D11

I’m Honored to reveal my very first endorsement, one I am incredibly proud of from THE HISPANIC COMMUNITY OF DALLAS. A few weeks ago I met Gilberto Cortez at a small business ice cream shop at Spring Valley and Coit. We interviewed, as he did all the other candidates., Gilberto beautifully translated for me (I learned French in school). Over the weekend I learned I had earned the Dallas Hispanic Community’s endorsement of my candidacy in D11. I’m joined by other moderate conservatives endorsed by this community as well.

Here is why this endorsement is so important for voters: The Hispanic community is one of the fastest growing in Dallas. 42.4% of our population was Hispanic or Latino of any race, whereas non Hispanic whites made up 28.8% of the city’s population.

Hispanic population will likely
… make up the
majority of the State by 2042.

This Romanian “Rubio” has long held love and admiration for Dallas Hispanics and Hispanics everywhere. I embrace and respect their culture immensely, and believe it has a lot to offer our’s. We share the same values of family, faith, public safety, and infrastructure as well as economic policies that help small or beginning entrepreneurs, such the the owner of this precious store.

‘The endorsement of serious candidates, truly committed to serve with the fullest experience and leadership. Highest regards of Honesty and Integrity,  in your mind and in your heart, to serve, if elected, to care and to bring dignity and opportunities to your fellow constituents. improve quality of life, business, education, housing and public safety.

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