Less is More: Political Signs & Pollution

Note those adorable little nibbles in two corners…

I am not a fan of political signs. I don’t think they are very effective, especially in a pandemic or polar vortex freeze when few are driving. In fact, 2020 and 2021 are the most stay-at-homes years ever. There are way more effective ways to communicate in a digital era, as I have leaned in my years working on-line and developing web sites.

But ultimately, I guess every campaign needs a few signs.

When you see a political sign, does it really sway your opinion? Do you wonder, “who is that?” Political yard signs likely won’t change many minds; the key benefit is simple awareness and name recognition.

And then there is pollution. I am an environmentalist, and I consider everything I use and dispose of as it relates to my footprint on Mother Earth. Yard signs are only used temporarily. They are made of non-decomposing plastic. What do you do with them once the campaign is over besides re-use for a yard sale? Throwing them away is wasteful and contributes to the land-fill.

The CandyforDallas Campaign is taking advantage of environmentally-friendly, less-wasteful forms of political signage this year, like political magnets for the car. This mobile marketing does the work of at least 10 signs.

Yard signs are also a distraction when driving, and we have enough driving distractions. When multiple candidates have signs all over town, things start to look cluttered and messy.

That’s why I am focusing on a “less is more” strategy for my City Council campaign:

  • We will use large political banners in strategic locations (like campaign rallies) rather than having an excess number of signs.
  • I saved and stored my signs from my 2017 campaign, so if they look a little dusty, or like the dog chewed them, please excuse: they are recycled.
  • I am encouraging car magnets with my supporters.
The naughty culprits!

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  1. Patricia McFarland

    Please send 2 car magnets to
    Patricia & Gary McFarland
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