Election Day Disappointing, But We Move Onward

Nothing like a bucket full of ice water to wake you up, right?

The voter turnout (less than 10%), and the number of votes cast for me in this race for the open District 11 Council Seat is only good news to faithful CandysDirt.com readers: I lost. Was creamed, actually. Thus my political career appears to be quite short-lived.

I’m not saying we won’t be getting involved in City Hall, because we surely will: politics and real estate are like gin and tonic. And I have uncovered at least three good real estate stories from the campaign.

We also plan a series and razor-sharp focus on homelessness in District 11 and across North Dallas. We will not quit harping about until a permanent solution in enacted. In fact, we will keep harping about a lot of things.

Thank you, wonderful friends, for all your wonderful support: the best is yet to come. Stayed tuned for an endorsement!

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